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Zoysia Sod

Zoysia sod I have had an attraction to for a long time.

The funny thing is, I did not know what type of grass it was until a few years ago. Because Zoysia sod is frequently used on better golf courses , it can be seen often on television during major golf tournaments. (Zoysia sod is not commonly found on public courses)

Oddly enough, when shopping for grass and Outdoor Furniture for a new home, I came across Zoysia sod Emerald grass. Because I have had a long standing desire to plant Zoysia sod for my home lawn, I became so exciited that the more the sod grass salesman talked about St. Augustine the less I heard.

Although I was only there to save money and I was sure Zoysia sod would cost a little more than St. Augustine, but the possibility of having a home lawn looking like a small piece of a golf course was to exciting to overcome. I was going to save money on my new home by installing grass sod myself because my home builder was going to charge extra for a completely sodded yard at move in.

I had seen Zoysia sod on television many times over the years, but had never walked on it. Because this was totally unexpected, I had many questions about the type of grass Zoysia sod was and its related maintenance. My original intent was to buy St. Augustine when the sod grass farm manager suggested Bermuda grass. For my personal liking, Bermuda was out of the question. However, upon being pointed towards pallets of Bermuda grass, I saw another small pallet of grass that just happened to be Zoysia sod. I was immediately drawn to the Zoysia sod pallet. Needless to say, all questions turned to Zoysia sod except for price comparison to St. Augustine.

The questions were relatively basic- price, growth rate and durability. He explained that St.Augustine is almost half the price of Zoysia sod. He also said Zoysia sod has a rate of growth much slower St. Augustine, but Zoysia sod has a recovery rate that is quite slow. Additionally, he stated that rotary mowers are not as efficient as reel mowers for Zoysia sod lawn mowing care.

After a brief conversation with myself, the vote was positive for Zoysia sod. Considering how elegant it would look and how much it would be enjoyed while entertaining family and friends was enough to convince me to overlook the cons of future lawn care and maintenance. The next move was to place the order for the more expensive and possibly higher maintenance Zoysia grass .

Shortly after receiving the delivery of pallets of grass, it was installed and looking beautiful. The compliments on my home lawn are never ending. To this day, almost four years later, when I am working on the yard strangers stop and ask about the lawn. The most common question is what type of grass is it? Other frequent questions include where can it be purchased, is it expensive and how do you care for the lawn.

Absolutely, the best home lawn project I ever tackled was when I replced St. Augustine grass with Zoysia sod Emerald grass. Loman is an online editor for several lawn care websites like LawnCarePrices.com. He enjoys sharing his thoughts, opinions and research findings to help online shoppers make more qualified decisions about their purchases.

Thank you Loman for allowing us to share your wonderful story about Zoysia sod.