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Rental Property Lawn Care

Being in the rental property lawn care business Your Neighborhood Lawn Service has seen many rental properties go downhill from the outside.

Whose responsibility is it to keep up the rental property lawn care? Well who owns the property? Does the tenant get a bad lawn notice from the city or home owners association? No, the owner does.

Arguably the property owner says it’s the tenant’s responsibility and the tenants say it’s the owner’s responsibility. What is the bottom line? Who gets hurt most if the rental property is not kept up to standards. THE OWNER

There are several reasons why as the owner of a rental property you should include the cost in with the rent. Oh I know the tenants say they own mower and will keep up with the cutting of the grass trimming weed eating and up keep on the shrubs if any.

Many rental properties I have seen the lawn mower apparently broke not running on the side of the house rusting. Oh yes the tenant once in a while will borrow a neighbors mower (until that gets old) or a relative in the area. But the rental property lawn care is still being grossly neglected.

Here are some good reasons to include professional rental company lawn care in with the rent.

1) Pride. The rental property lawn care company will take more pride in the work they do than the tenant does in the place he/she lives that are not going to own.
2) Curb appeal nothing looks better than a well manicured lawn in your neighborhood
3) Keep the value of the property
4) Tenant comes home to a well manicured lawn they are more apt to take care of the inside better.
5) Keep the home owners association off your neck.
6) A professional rental property lawn care will keep up on your property which will keep the value on the property up for longer period of time.
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