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Zoysia grass maintenance

Zoysia grass maintenance tips from Your Neighborhood Lawn Service.

Compared to other grasses Zoysia grass maintenance is much different.

Zoysia grass originated in Asia and it seems to be unknown as when it was brought to the United States. Mowing height should be ¼ ‘’ to  2.5” off the top from a reel or rotary type mower.

Zoysia grass maintenance includes annual fertilization and should be done in the spring immediately after the first cut. Using 4- 6 lbs of nitrogen rich fertilizer per 1000 square feet.  A drop feeder or rotary applicator should be used for equal and consistent application. Using your hand is not recommended to apply fertilizer

Many grassy weed herbicides can be used as part of your Zoysia grass maintenance program. Preemergence and postemergence grassy weed herbicides can be used safely on most Zoysia grass varieties.

Unlike Centipedegrass and St Augustine most broadleaf weed herbicides are safe to use for your Zoysia grass maintenance program.

Another area of your Zoysia grass maintenance is controlling insects that can damage your Zoysia lawn. The most common and destructive are the Huntington Billbugs, Mole Crickets and White Grubs.

The three most common lawn diseases hindering your Zoysia grass maintenance program are Large Patch (also known as Brown Patch), Dollar Spot and Rust.

Large Patch is caused by different strains of fungus on lawns with low nitrogen levels and can be treated with a common fungicide.

Dollarspot is caused by not getting enough water in your lawn such as drought type conditions. To combat this disease aerate, dethatch and fertilize your lawn on a regular basis.

Rust another common lawn disease that can also affect your Zoysia grass lawn. Rust disease is caused by soil compaction and no or little fertilization application. To get rid of the Rust disease, aerate your lawn, water in morning hours and apply fertilizer high in nitrogen on a regular basis.

Moderate watering is necessary for your Zoysia grass maintenance, best in the morning hours. Lack of water will make the leaves turn brown and the turf goes dormant in one or two weeks.

Good luck with your Zoysia grass maintenance.