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Zoysia Grass Sod

08 April, 01:01, by Craig

Zoysia Grass Sod installed by Your Neighborhood Lawn Service

Types of Zoysia grass sod:

De Anza, – does well in shade and drought conditions, and is said to retain its color longer during the autumn months than most Zoysia grass sod varieties.

Zoysia Japonica – not considered a higher quality grass as other types of Zoyisa grass sod.

Zoysia Matrella – high quality but also high maintenance. Not winter hardy and grows slow.

Diamond Zoysia – an off spring of Zoysia Matrella. Grows very well in shade and is salt tolerant, but does poorly in colder conditions.

El toro – an improved Zoysia Japonica has a faster establishment rate than other Zoysia grass sod. This Zoysia grass sod keeps color longer in cool seasons, cold and shade tolerant.

Emerald – a hybrid of Zoysia Japonica and Zoysia. Considered cold hearty keeping the color and growth rate is in colder climates, but produces excessive thatch.

Empire – very dense, maintains green color, moderate rate of establishment. Empire Zoysia grass sod does well in sandy or clay soils, but does not grow well in shaded areas.

JaMur – has attractive color, performs well in many types of environments. It grows well in moderate shade.

Meyer – establishment rate is very slow. There are serious problems with this Zoysia grass sod, with insects like Hunting billbugs and Nematodes therefore not recommended in Florida areas.

Pristine Flora – high maintenance, very dense dark green grass blades, had much faster growth rate and has quick recovery response time from possible scalp damage.

Zeon – a fine textured Zoysia Matrella. A dense Zoysia grass sod said to perform well in Florida soils.

Zenith – seeds available commercially. Establishes roots well, good shade tolerance, and does moderately well in Florida soil.

Establishment – each Zoysia grass sod variety has its own root establishment rate. Most varieties establish well.

Fertilization – fertilize Zoysia grass sod annually with slow release foods recommended.

Mowing – Zoysia grass should be kept at 2 to 2.5 inches in length.

Watering – Like any other sod water Zoysia grass sod everyday for two weeks, don’t mow until the roots have been well established in the new soil about 3 – 4 weeks. Then follow local watering regulations.

Credits from University of Florida –J. Bryan Unruh, L. E. Trenholm, and J. L. Cisar
for information on Zoysia grass sod.

Lawn mowing service prices in Orlando Florida

02 April, 00:28, by Craig

Lawn mowing service prices
Lawn mowing service prices are the major factor is the size of the property to be mowed. Here in central Florida the average cost for just the basic service which consists of mowing, edging, weed eating and blowing is $27.00 for about a quarter acre lot. Front and back yards. Lawn mowing service prices for a corner property runs about $35.00 for the same basic service.
Your Neighborhood Lawn Service has several Lawn mowing service prices and options our customers can to choose from. The first option is once a month.

Believe it or not there are a few properties out there that only need mowed once a month. These properties do not have a sprinkler system installed or in working order and the only water the poor grass (weeds) get is whenever it rains. (Or when the neighbor’s dog stops to give it a squirt).

Here is a list of our lawn mowing service prices and options:

Once a month:
Average Lawn mowing service prices- $30.00
For many reasons some lawns only need cut once a month – includes mow, trim, edge and blow only.* No other services included with this plan

21 week program:
Average monthly Lawn mowing service prices- $47.25
This plan consists of cutting your grass every other week on a scheduled basis. The 21 week program is designed for basic lawn maintenance only,
* No other services included.

38 week program:
Minimum monthly lawn mowing service prices- $85.50
This plan consists of cutting, edging, trimming your grass on a 38 week schedule: May include light tree or shrub trimming and flower bed weed control.
* No other services included
See sample schedule below
Jan 1 / Feb 1 / Mar 2 / Apr 4 / May 4 / Jun 4-5 / Jul 4-5 / Aug 4-5 / Sep 4-5 / Oct 4 / Nov 2 / Dec 1

We prefer to charge our lawn mowing service prices on a monthly basis usually the first of the month. Paying monthly makes the process much easier. We go in do our job and leave. We don’t have to bother the property owner, waiting for them to get out of bed or the bathroom come to the door see whos it is. Find the check book and a pen. Then we have to sit down to write the check, and ask for the fiftieth time who to make the check out to. Yes paying once a month is so much simpler.

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We  hope this helps in your search for lawn mowing service prices.