No Hamie you can’t work with me

One day Hamie thought he was extremely cute ( which he is ) and stole my work glove thinking he was going to hold it hostage until Igave in and took him with me to work. Well I didn’t give in but he wore me out chasing him around the house with that glove in his mouth. We were laughing so hard watching him run around barely able to see over the glove he had in his mouth. Then he decided to rest and I was able to grab my glove before he got his second breath.

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My new little friends

baby ducks  In June 2012 I was at a client’s house in Oviedo and up came these cute little ducks and Mommy duck from the pond behind the house looking for something to eat. I went to my truck and got a piece of Rice Crispy Marshmallow bar, man did they gobbled that up.  They probably had enough sugar rush to fly to Brazil and back. I did notice them starting to quack a little faster

Notice Momma duck in the back. She was waiting  for her ducklings to get feed before she ate. I didn’t let her wait though I could tell she was hungry too, so I threw her a few morsels that she gladly gobbled up before her little pigs could get it, as if to say “no you little pigs this is mine.” Good for you Mom. Then she gave me a quack as if to say thank you. That day I think I learned to understand a little “duck”

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