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Butterfly Gardens – What are they?

15 September, 02:50, by Craig

Butterfly gardens are a complex creation of selected plants and flowers designed to attract and support communities of beautiful enchanted butterflies. Butterfly gardens should have both types of plants to support your magical butterfly community.
The first type of plant is called a host plant. A host plant serves two purposes, one as a place for butterflies to lay their eggs and two as a food source for the butterfly larvae or caterpillars.
The second type is a flowering plant that produces nector which is adult butterfly food. Butterflies are attracted to the flowering plants because of their colorand aroma. The most popular colors for butterfly gardens are Yellow, Red and Purple.
The key to atracting many diferent butterflies to your butterfly gardens are the diversity of your plants.
Butterfly Gardens don’t necessarily need to be an elaborate overwhelming stage of plants and flowers. Just a few choice selected plants can make a simple patio into one of the most beautiful lavash butterfly gardens you will ever see.

Golden Snow in Casselberry Florida – Golden Rain Tree ?

30 October, 01:30, by Craig

Whoa is this a flash back from my days up north? I certainly remember and some of you may remember the days of old man winter. About mid December in Ohio is when the snow flake gods dump all their frozen goods upon the poor, helpless humans below. These helpless humans as I remember had to trudge (is that a word?) through the seemingly never ending white stuff falling from the heavens upon our Earth. Do you remember the cars and trucks driving by and the tread marks they left behind? And here I thought moving to Florida I would forget all those night mares. But NOOO, around the corner from my house I see the sights again! But only in golden yellow. It just reminded me of golden snow and had to share it with you. The  culprit behind this golden phenomenon is The Golden Rain Tree which is native to Taiwan and Fiji Islands. How in the world it got here I couldn’t say. I believe they are pretty neat pictures hope you enjoy them as mush as I did. FYI it’s September at 80 degrees. CLICK ON THE LARGER IMAGE TO REALLY APPRECIATE THE EFFECT.