About Us

    We are a Veteran owned lawn and landscape maintenance company.

Our Mission

  • To give Residential, Business and Commercial customers quality lawn care at an affordable price.

– by offering flexible and affordable lawn service options to fit just about any property and budget. And through our


    We recruit, train and develop caring, intelligent young people to eventually own their own lawn care and or landscape business, which will continue the legacy of quality lawn care at an affordable price.

Causes & Links We Support

Our Mascot – Hammie

img Hammie Your Neighborhood Lawn Service mascot, a full grown pure bred male papillon

Hammie is a pure bred male Papillon dog. He is our adorable, spoiled family pet and our website mascot. Hammies favorite activities are: fetching the ball and bringing it back to you. Chewing on a newly purchased rawhide bone. But his absolute favorite activity is sitting on your lap. Yes he is THE definition of a pure bred lap dog. AND the picture was proudly taken on our St Augustine grass in the front lawn.

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