What is the Community Prize Wheel?

The Community Prize Wheel was developed in 2016, but before that sometime in the year 2013 I read some articles about companies having a drawing to promote whatever it was they were selling. You find drawing registrations everywhere. So I developed a drawing for my lawn business. It started out as helping organizations ie; school bands, churches etc. make money with their car wash efforts. It was not very successful, after reaching out to many organizations not understanding the concept (we got couple customers).

It wasn’t until December 2016 I decided to do something different, after some unsuccessful attempts going to convenient stores asking to allow us to set up our drawing table. I decided to offer some value to the store owner / manager. –

Power washing.

“I will power wash your customer sidewalk area for free if you allow us to set up our drawing table in front of your store” I said.   The answers were almost an overwhelming yes.

After a couple of these events I determined this was a successful way to generate leads.

Then to add more pizzazz, to the event I added the prize wheel, it worked even better, people love to spin the wheel, and get some smaller prizes offered by our company, many said they felt like they were on the TV game show.

And that gave me another idea !!!  Why not get some other small businesses in the communities to offer prizes / coupons for their business. I thought this would make this event more  fun giving the customer a variety of prizes and to help out other small businesses in the communities. Wow this is a WIN WIN WIN situation. So we did, hence the conception of the Community Prize Wheel.

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