Community Prize Wheel at 7-11 on SR 434 in Winter Springs

It was a beautiful 62 degree day for the Community Prize Wheel activity table, although slightly windy at times. Several times the wind knocked over the prize wheel, had to tighten the base screw a couple times. Today we were at the 7-11 store on State Road 434 in Winter Springs.

Our 7-11 friends in Winter Springs location

A stack of our gift cards blew off the table and over to the adjoining service station where another lawn service was doing their business. I bet they thought we did that on purpose – sorry guys. Not really

Just me and my bird buddy hunting for

It was kind of slow at this location – just me and my bird friend for a while.

A dog named Handsome. Just look at his scarf he’ll tell you so.

Then I met this dog named Handsome. And it even says so on his scarf. He likes to show off his good looks. Can you tell?

I’d like to give a special shout out to Andrea Gonsalves of Therapeutic massage by Andrea. We met again today from last week’s Prize wheel activity, you can catch her on Facebook. Hi Andrea.
We got 12 leads today – A good day for us.

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