Can Ligustrum trees be cut back to bushes?

Cutting back Ligustrum trees to shrubs may be a possible feat when used with caution. Ligustrum trees are a strong, hardy plant used for privacy hedges around pools and houses. Many “experts” frown upon cutting back the ligustrum trees to shrubs, because as they say the canopy of the ligustrum trees should not be compromised. Compromising the canopy of the tree may hinder the growth of the tree. And that may be true, but here are some pictures that tell a different story. The answer is yes, Ligustrum trees can be cut down to bushes.


Ligustrum tree before trimming

Ligustrum shrub after trimming









It took one season of growth ( 1 year ) for the stumps of the cut Ligustrum trees to form a ball of green healthy leaves.

Although these pictures are not of the same property it still shows Ligustrum trees can be cut down to bushes. Need a Free quote?



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