Zoysia Grass Sod

Zoysia Grass Sod installed by Your Neighborhood Lawn Service

Types of Zoysia grass sod:

De Anza, – does well in shade and drought conditions, and is said to retain its color longer during the autumn months than most Zoysia grass sod varieties.

Zoysia Japonica – not considered a higher quality grass as other types of Zoyisa grass sod.

Zoysia Matrella – high quality but also high maintenance. Not winter hardy and grows slow.

Diamond Zoysia – an off spring of Zoysia Matrella. Grows very well in shade and is salt tolerant, but does poorly in colder conditions.

El toro – an improved Zoysia Japonica has a faster establishment rate than other Zoysia grass sod. This Zoysia grass sod keeps color longer in cool seasons, cold and shade tolerant.

Emerald – a hybrid of Zoysia Japonica and Zoysia. Considered cold hearty keeping the color and growth rate is in colder climates, but produces excessive thatch.

Empire – very dense, maintains green color, moderate rate of establishment. Empire Zoysia grass sod does well in sandy or clay soils, but does not grow well in shaded areas.

JaMur – has attractive color, performs well in many types of environments. It grows well in moderate shade.

Meyer – establishment rate is very slow. There are serious problems with this Zoysia grass sod, with insects like Hunting billbugs and Nematodes therefore not recommended in Florida areas.

Pristine Flora – high maintenance, very dense dark green grass blades, had much faster growth rate and has quick recovery response time from possible scalp damage.

Zeon – a fine textured Zoysia Matrella. A dense Zoysia grass sod said to perform well in Florida soils.

Zenith – seeds available commercially. Establishes roots well, good shade tolerance, and does moderately well in Florida soil.

Establishment – each Zoysia grass sod variety has its own root establishment rate. Most varieties establish well.

Fertilization – fertilize Zoysia grass sod annually with slow release foods recommended.

Mowing – Zoysia grass should be kept at 2 to 2.5 inches in length.

Watering – Like any other sod water Zoysia grass sod everyday for two weeks, don’t mow until the roots have been well established in the new soil about 3 – 4 weeks. Then follow local watering regulations.

Credits from University of Florida –J. Bryan Unruh, L. E. Trenholm, and J. L. Cisar
for information on Zoysia grass sod.

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