What Garden Features Attract Butterflies?

Besides plants and flowers, there are some garden features that will also attract butterflies and other pollinators to your yard, such as; a water source, sun catchers & sun globes, large rocks or stones, and some rotten fruit.

Mud puddles are important to butterflies, bees, and dragonflies as a good source of water. One can be made from a shallow planter saucer filled with sand and kept moist. Butterflies do not have tongues or lips and thus cannot drink like other animals. They instead, extend a tube called proboscis into a flower for nectar or into mud, to extract water. Mud puddles are very important to have in the garden.

Sun catchers, sun globes and any garden feature that flashes or shines, will attract butterflies. Once you’ve got his attention, he’ll poke around for the other goodies. Rotting fruit is a big favorite of butterflies so, toss those rotten apples out there for them. Butterflies and dragonflies really like to bask in the sun early in the morning. A large rock or two are great places for the butterflies to sit and dry their wings before they begin the day. I set mine in the mud puddle and they seem to like the set up.

A few flowers for nectar, some plants for the nursery (caterpillars), shinny toys, snacks and a drink–what more could a butterfly want??
By Robin Gravis
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