Orlando yard clean up and landscape project March 2017

26 March, 23:54, by Craig

This was a grueling 4 day clean up and landscape project. On the side of the back porch we ripped out grass and weeds then installed sweet smelling Tea Olive Shrubs with Blue Daze in front.

At the back side of the back porch we cleared out stones, weeds and old weed barrier material. then installed White ruffle Azaleas with Blue Daze to enhance the landscape.
The front walk way – In Ohio we call it the devil strip. We cleared out the ferns, (took two days), installed Asiatic Jasmine , which is a ground cover that does fairly well in shaded areas. there are only a few plants that can grow in shade like this in Zone 9a. Ferns and Asiatic Jasmine. the Jasmine won.

The Crape Myrtle we pruned and cleaned up the weeds around the area and topped off the decorative grasses.

Left front yard we cleaned out Many Split Philodendrons, huge prehistoric ferns, a few Elephant Ears and countless bags of leaves. then we installed Formosa Azaleas, enhanced with New Guinea Inpatients.

Right side of back yard we cleaned out Miscellaneous growth and trimmed shrubs.

Left side of back yard as you can see were massive Split Philodendrons and other plant life that was just there. We cleared that area out and home owner may put in rubber mulch or frog plant.

In the back yard next to left neighbors house we tore out more Split Philodendrons and burned off grass, then we installed Orange colored Shrimp Plant (a butterfly attracting plant) next to neighbors house. At the fence we planted Banana Shrubs, which bloom and smell like ripe bananas. Then we enhanced the look with white Angel Wing Begonias.

Side of back porch before

Side of back porch after

back side of back porch before

Backside of back porch sfter

Devil strip before

Devil strip after

Crape Myrtle area before

Crape Myrtle area after

Before picture left front yard

After picture left front yard

Before picture right back yard

After picture right back yard

Before picture left back yard

After picture left back yard

Front left corner of back yard before

Front left corner of back yard after

Community Prize Wheel at 7-11 on Douglas Ave in Altamonte Springs

04 March, 03:44, by Craig

It was a beautiful day in Altamonte Springs Fl. , not a cloud in the sky. I think my weather app said it was a high of 70 degrees slightly breezy though. We were under the awnings in the shade all day Yeaa! (no sunburn today) of one of our favorite places 7-11 on Douglas Ave in Altamonte Springs. We want to thank the owner Karan and his manager Ralph for allowing us to sit out front of his store for a couple days.

We also want to acknowledge and thank Tony Graham from LA Fitness club for participating in the Community Prize Wheel promotions. Tony gave some scratch offs that allow people to win up to 3 months of membership.

We got 12 registrations today, and 1 appointment. We’ll be at it again tomorrow on Douglas Ave.